What a wonderful gathering we had for Thanksgiving here at White Feather Ranch this year.  Our International events, often an ‘American first’ for many visitors, are such a fulfillment for us and happily we were both up to it and Gordon led the Virginia Reel as I played and we piled 20 on the old truck for a ride with Grandpa driving over the ranch to the delight of all.

We gave thanks that here we were people of the world coming together while in so many parts of our dear suffering world people are being driven apart.  A guest wrote:  “There is really something magic when a diverse group of people comes together to celebrate life!”   Indeed it was magical and blessed, all ages, ethnic food of all kinds, singing, giving poetry and music as we shared the lovely talents among us.. and dancing…  Fun and joy for one and all.  We are looking for ways to pass these thirty years of community work on to the next generation as we look toward grace 2015IMG_1058IMG_1082

white feather thanksgiving 2015
friends from all over the world, many from China, others from Denmark, Scotland, Canada, England, and New Zealand – fifty in all
sharing song and laughter
IMG_1116 (1)
grandpa gordon and anara and calendula
virginia reel, 2015 thanksgiving
grandma and the accordion

the future of White Feather Ranch.  Ideas welcomed!



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