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September 22, 2015
Last night I was awakened by a star. The night was late, only an hour before the lightening of dawn. I rolled over and there was this point of brilliant light in the sky shining through my bedroom window…moving it seemed. A plane? Oh, yes, it was definitely moving. But no, it stayed too long, not really progressing quickly in its flight across the sky.

“Was it the late rising moon?”, I pondered, as I peered among the dark silhouettes of the trees weaving in the gentle night breeze. Groggy and confused, I questioned that it couldn’t be the moon rising, for only the night before it had stood, a yellow orange perfect half of a moon like a cut out decoration in a stage play, hanging low in the western sky. This bright glow was east toward the dawn.

The star seemed to be where Sirius often stood.. But it was so intensely bright, even for Sirius? Irresistibly beckoned, I got up and went out into the night.

The stars were brilliant, every constellation crystal clear against the indigo sky. Orion’s belt was especially prominent from where I stood, chiseled radiating light encircling each star as they commanded their appointed space on the stage of the universe…all in full dress as though assembled in homage to this brilliant one among them.

What was this stunning point of light there in the Eastern sky?? It was in fact the planet Venus in all her glory! And what glory!… (next morning I would read she was just then at her most brilliant ever, seventeen times brighter the Star Queen, Sirius, the brightest star in all the sky.)

Venus winked among the leaves of the pines and oaks… I was fascinated…
Never, except for the sun, have I seen such celestial moving brilliance. She radiated, she displayed…she moved, she danced … Her beams of light came into my room and across the bed, sending warm gold rays of penetrating light to me like loving scepters, magic wands, bestowing cosmic blessing. I held my hand up to see if I could see it in this light…Almost… I was riveted.

I recalled the words of the verse by Rudolf Steiner laid into my heart by a dear friend, Willi Sucher, who loved and knew the stars with an awareness few in this world have.

The stars once spoke to man
It is world destiny that they are silent now
To become aware of this silence can be pain for earthly humanity
But in the deepening silence.
There grows and ripens
What humanity speaks to the stars
To become aware of this speaking
Can become strength for Spirit man.

Then as I watched the compelling celestial light disappeared, gone behind the trees. Only blackness prevailed. I felt overwhelmed with a longing for the beautiful presence. Suddenly I felt alone, bereft. Abandoned. What a spell she wove!

My logical mind took over. It is you who have lost this shining planet. For you are on a moving earth, turning on its axis. It is you on your planet earth who have turned away from the light. The metaphor was stark… personally, collectively, universally. “Turned away from the light.”

The deepening darkness of materialism, the unspiritual view of ourselves and all around us is so pervading in our thinking and so much of our doing. The discord that prevails across the world as myopic money and power crazed world leaders exert cruel dominance over fearful, denying, disconnected citizens in our war besotted countries on every continent, with all too many of them often poignantly fleeing into drug numbed isolation or fleeing for their very lives. Materialistic outlooks such as the idiotic destruction of our planet earth for short term gain,egocentric thinking that block us off from each other and universe, blocked from the universal light of love and connectedness.

Here was Venus calling from the Universe giving us the message… brilliantly! It’s about love and life and connectedness, people. Stay united with the holy universe and the blessed earth that gave you life in the first place!

What was so amazing is that it only took a few dozen minutes for her to go in and out of my sight as she danced across the sky as I alternately basked in wonder in her light or longed for it in the darkness. One could tangibly see how the earth was moving in relation to the heavens. Waves of cosmic stardust seemed to fill the room enlivening me, a vital warming, loving presence to the room.

The words set to the Russian folk song rang through

If we people live our lives, as if it were song for singing out of light
Providing music for the stars to go dancing circles in the night.

She was there, dancing and radiating Venus love circles in the night… With the rays, the light, waves of healing touched me. I was blessed with her rays, over and over…the wonder of it.

So how does humanity speak to the stars?
For me, at least in that moment, they rose in my heart like with the first simple stammering words of a star struck child, wide eyed with the wonder of our world,and echoing back the loving light she so graciously bestows, especially so this night.

“I love the stars.”

Nancy Jewel Poer, September 22,2015



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A spiritual hero, only three years old, has come forward with a mission to awaken humanity to the insane trajectory we are on.

His tiny body washed in from the sea and exquisitely placed in death lay poignantly still, face down at the shore line in the rhythmic lapping tide, both arms at his sides and his palms up as if waiting to receive an answer from all of us regarding his sacrifice. The little feet were still clad in shoes, so sweetly placed together in repose. The photograph Immediately went viral on world social media. it has been an image to strike to the core of human conscience crossing all divisions of nations, religion, status and cultures.

Aylan Kurdi, one of the thousands of refugees fleeing war and devastation in their countries, died at sea in a drastically overloaded boat with his father and mother trying to escape from Syria, where much of their remaining family was massacred by terrorists. His father, Abdullah, was desperately trying to save his two young sons from drowning in violent seas, and felt them going, releasing one to try to save the other. His wife, Zehin, whose delicate beauty is mindful of a Muslim Quan Yin, seeing her precious sons slip into the ocean, followed them into the turbulent waters and drowned as well. A passionately devoted mother crossing the threshold with her two sons in the primal waters of the sea as there was no safe home on this earth for them.

In a handful of childhood photos, Aylan, looks at us with innocent yet wisdom-filled eyes and in one picture, very formally dressed, he opens his small hands as if offering a proclamation of world blessing. In several others he is squinting, eyes closed, grinning perhaps somehow inwardly amazed at the magnitude of the impact he is about to make on the world. He wears a shirt with words to ponder.. ‘Mysterious space riders’.. In another he cocks his hand to his ear as though asking if we are hearing what is the sound of suffering around the world.

Aylan for the moment has brought together East and West, a nearly impossible feat. He has struck the common heart chord in humanity. The cry of ‘Humanity Washed Ashore.’ and “Humanity Failed,” has accompanied the event around the world.

Even the tabloids interrupted their vapid fare of celebrity scandals, cellulite, deranged and decadent behavior we so crave for entertainment, to feature the moment of real human confrontation with what we are doing.

With his death, Aylan speaks for millions who have so tragically died with a clarion call into the deaf distancing of our collective responsibility with the cruel phrase, ‘collateral

damage’ given to the innocents, women and children who die and die everywhere in war. All those who die tragically resulting from the manipulations of those who are exploiting the world and its peoples. His death challenges the ever present war profiteers who, skunk like, radiate the unremovable stench of insatiable greed, the Koch’s, Haliburtons, Rothchilds, and others throughout history who profit on tragedy. His death challenges the many leaders and countries who colonized the world the way they did with rapacious use of power, cheap labor, and ransacking of local resources. It all now comes home to roost in Europe as the refugees from those mistreated colonies stream in. His death challenges the hideous customs of old cultures that cruelly degrade and destroy women and hold them, and thus their countries and economies, in poverty and servitude. His death challenges the corporate undermining of small family farming with industrial agriculture (instead of supporting families with local sustainable self sufficiency) and that leads to starvation, poverty and migration.

This is the 21st century, surely a time to take our honed sense of individual self consciousness and apply the zeal of battle to the transformation of our own inner demons so the world will stand a chance. Face up to the demons of fear, prejudice, greed, jealously, apathy, depression, chauvinism, nationalism and hatred. A time to abhor the parading of race hatred as a political tool, the antithesis of a moral stance (read Trump)

This is the Michaelmas time of the year. The archangel Micha-el, the angel of truth, courage, cosmopolitan awareness and spiritual courage, is honored in all major religions,Hebrew, Islamic and Christian. He battles the dragon, transforms the soul, and emerges victorious.

The message of Micha-el is that we must strive for greater spirituality, our highest humanity and he challenges us to line up our lives with the higher moral universe. He stands for finding world brother and sisterhood and strengthening our spiritual individuality so our moral conscience can begin to transcend all the barriers that would divide humanity from one another. Aylan has stepped into world leadership, for this moment in time, to accomplish just that.

Nancy Jewel Poer, Michaelmas, 2015