Waiting for Open Heart Surgery

IMG_6695 IMG_6699

Dear Friends,
We want you to know how much it means to us to have us in your thoughts while Gordon is going through his surgery. It is quite complex but everyone involved feels pretty confident he will come through it. Both Gordon and I had some hard moments today of the pre op melt down moments but that it pretty much what one would expect! Our wonderful family is here and friends afar… We’ll get through whatever comes.

The cross I have been wearing for over forty years was made for me by Gordon. He cast it on a Christmas Eve those many years ago.. It is our marriage talisman and treasure. So here it is for the next phase…. Gordon and our son Cameron, also a pilot as well as an aircraft mechanic, share many things in life from being committed Dads, to building a plane together, clowning it up, and general obsteperousness when so inclined. As my father once proclaimed in his old age, “If you can’t laugh, don’t get in line.”

Love to all,
Nancy, Gordon and family


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