Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 5.01.34 PM Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 5.03.57 PM IMG_6117 - Version 2 IMG_6117 - Version 3

I sincerely hope that those who carry a deep love for our children and our Mother Earth

will find a way to speak for the protection of our future. Of course, I also recognize and thank you for

the healing beauty of what you may all ready be doing in prayer, caring for a garden, planting healthy food

and flowers.

Here is a sweet picture of a child of parents at the rally to save our food, our bees and more.  I was touched the way

the hearts on my poster echoed those on her wings.

If you wish to see an excellent,clear and concise video on what is occurring in our food system and the effects on children’s

health please  watch a 20 minute video on You Tube  by a pediatrician Michelle Perro, titled

GMO’s, Healthy Food Choices. 

With deepest thanks,



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