A Stand for Our Children and The Earth

Poster for Rally at the capitol

Dear Friends,

This is my poster to take to the Rally at the California State Capitol Monday, January 5, 2015, (gathering at the south side porch) The Rally will take advantage of inauguration crowds and the opening legislature.   On Christmas eve, in a powerful desecrating act, the California Dept of Food and Agriculture approved the spraying 78 chemicals anytime, anywhere, without public comment. The list includes glyphosate, malathion, neonicotonoids (that are killing the bees)  and those like Agent Orange that has produced deformed children in Vietnam for generations.

We must do our best to defend our children who have no voice, for they will inherit the earth. If only one child’s parents can be empowered and take action, it is worth our effort. There will be good speakers for the rally, (including Pamm Larry, the grandmother who started ‘Label GMO’s’ in California), then a walk around the capitol and then a signing of a very large card of congratulations to Governor Brown with a request to label GMO’s.   Hope you can come or tell someone else about it. Blessings on your New Year!


The above was my plea to friends to join this rally. It is monstrous to think that our government would not protect the health of its citizens. Sadly we are at the mercy of the blistering power of the insatiable greed for money to destroy the natural world for short term profit, even the hand and the land, that feeds us. It is a strange thinking that infects the minds of those in power, the thinking that pouring ever more lethal poisons on Mother Earth will produce healthy food. It isn’t even logical. It is death thinking. It is a long time in the making, since World War 11, when the poison focused chemical industry take over of our food supply began. Now here we are today trying to protect our babies and not even able to know what is in a product we are purchasing.

But there is a greater power than greed and death, consciousness and Love. Our love calls for deeds. So I gratefully join with other citizens to stand for LIFE, for the children, and for the future.


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