THE LITTLE GOAT AND THE CHRISTMAS ANGEL, Story to Celebrate Animals at Advent

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December 15, 2014

Here is a sweet Christmas Advent story and a final chapter just happened!

Some thirty five years , a lady named Carol Clifton, who was  a hand craft teacher at Sacramento Waldorf School, acquired an angora goat in the hopes of getting some lovely wool fleece.  The little goat had long silky white hair, and curly horns but, alas, she was a very ornery goat!  Carol hoped the school gardener would keep her goat but he (probably wisely) said he couldn’t offer the school farm as a home for this pretty but rascally goat.  Carol was quite upset at the prospect of trying to find a home for her.  But at last she found our family, that had many animals all ready, along with six children to enjoy them, and asked us if we could take the feisty little goat.  When we said ,”Yes!”  she was so relieved!   So we took the little Curly,as we called her for her curving horns and wavy hair and enjoyed her along with our other pets for some time.

I had grown up with the stories of Billy Whiskers and his wife goat, Nanny, and I so loved these stories of these mischievous goats, and when I was about ten, two silky fleeced angora goats we named Blanco and Snowball had wandered into our mountain home at Julian when a herd of them had been moved up from the desert. We had great fun with them all summer.

Carol Clifton would gather the lovely fleece from the little goat and she would often tell the goat story to her school children as she was preparing them for fleecing the sheep in third grade clothing block. She taught many many children over the years (and all of ours) and entertained them with stories of Curly.  Carol is now retired and  I haven’t seen her in many years. I didn’t even remember the goat story. Now here is the delightfully mysterious part of the story.

On December 15th, I had to go to a doctor in Vacaville and we were deciding where we would eat before doing errands in Fair Oaks on the way home. We decided on an Indian restaurant and went there.  To our surprise, there were Carol and Marlies Schade, a community rhythmical massage therapist, having a lunch to celebrate Carol’s birthday.  Marlies had brought Carol a gift she had made, an angel with a star, inspired by the Shepherd’s play that has always been done at Christmas in the Waldorf schools.  In the play the angel holds a golden star and gently lowers it over sweet mother Mary’s when she brings the baby Jesus into her arms. It is such a timeless magical moment in a wonderful play about jolly humorous shepherds who become overwhelmed with the wonder at the Holy child. Our son, Cameron, has played a shepherd more than once.

On the day of this most special meeting Carol and Marlies had  been talking about the little goat and Carol was saying how grateful she was we had taken that goat so many years ago and we walked in just at at that moment! Then  Carol brought this beautiful little angel gift she had received over to show us as we were eating our lunch. And here is the wonder of it all! Marlies had used the fleece of our little angora goat, Curly, to create the angel’s wings! For Carol still had some of the fleece all these years later.  Marlies has a life long connection with the world of the elementals and awareness of the vibrant energy they ray out. And angels too. She  says that the wispy silky strands of the soft white goat hair are like the lively rays of heavenly life and light energy the angels send down to us.

Surely the angels and all our loved ones in heaven guide us to make connections and have unexpected meetings here we might never have made with out them.  But how about this for a story of amazing ‘coincidence’!? ” Even little goats can get into the karmic picture of things… So we share this Christmas animal Advent story with you as a reminder of how precious life and every connection is and the wonderful gifts the animals give to our lives. And so we can be filled with Christmas wonder of how we are continually blessed from heaven in ever so many ways! Nancy and Gordon Poer, December 2014


2 thoughts on “THE LITTLE GOAT AND THE CHRISTMAS ANGEL, Story to Celebrate Animals at Advent”

  1. This moved me deeply, Nancy. How true it is that the heavens. and all those we love on that side of the veil. have their special ways of reaching us! I wish you and Gordon and all your wonderful family a most blessed Christmas. Look to hear from me during the Holy Nights. Be well, dear friend.

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