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Thanksgiving, 2014

It was a perfect day. Clear sunny skies, pleasant gentle breeze,just before the rains.  We have had many wonderful Thanksgivings here at White Feather Ranch, so memorable through the years, and especially we have enjoyed giving the experience of an American Thanksgiving to those experiencing it for the first time.  This year seemed a very special culmination, with friends and family, now young adults, that we have watched  grow up and have children of their own and new friends with global family from India and China. Most of all everyone, young and old, enjoyed the day, visiting, sharing food, festival, games and fun, Our dream as we built this mountain home 28 years ago, was to have it be a place to renew and celebrate life. That is what gives us such joy and fulfillment for having stewardship of this beautiful place all these years, to  be able to share it with many and see them relax and laugh and enjoy life, all generations, all backgrounds together.  World community, where we meet in peace and gratitude for the privilege of the world we share and our humanity.

We both deeply realize it is a profound blessing for Gordon and me to still be here to host it together and both still be able to do so. Gordon was wonderful calling out the Virginia Reel and taking great delight in giving everyone rides on the old truck a 1926 Dodge Graham and still running thanks to Gordon!  Its a bumpy sight seeing ride around the ranch from another time.  Visitors gleefully went down the zip line, piled wood on the bon fire, played pool and basketball.  The ‘talent’ show sharing was especially delightful with our grandsons Nathan and Jonas on violin and cello making beautiful contributions and young Farinika playing a fine Grieg concerto on the piano.  Singing, poems, sharing to delight the heart all culminating with a very loud, joyous and rousing game of Pictionary, a truly fun game with team work and intuition abounding.

We have been blessed with a wonderful place to share and wonderful friends who have come to share with us.  Thanks for Thanksgiving!


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