(Like an image of the dragon on the moon)

October 8, 2014

I watched the ‘blood’ moon eclipse last night between three and four in the morning. Earlier in the evening the reflection from the especially bright full moon illumined the landscape with soft and hushed moon magic. Our dear moon, so faithfully, like a silvered mirror, reflects the living beauty of sun rays down to us through the darkness of night as she exudes her fullness of being.

But not this night during the total eclipse.

From my mountain top vantage point, the ugly stain spread from left to right across her face, a dirty red orange slowly smearing her glow. Literally the ‘shadow‘ of the earth, the ugly dark side showing itself. It appeared like all our human trespasses were streaming aloft to besmudge her gentle beauty, the wars, murders, deceits and lies, the selfish destructive greed and desecration of our earth home herself, all writ large on the face of the selfless orb that faithfully accompanies us through time.

My friend and colleague, a knower and lover of the stars, Brian Gray has told us such a darkened moon cannot reflect sun ‘thoughts’, and that in the dark shadow of earth, human beings are more open to be infested by the ugliness of the dragon of their lower nature.

I stood there, a tiny human speck among billions on our dear planet, but I pointed my finger heavenward and inwardly shouted into the black of the night, “Some of us are awake! Praying and working for the good of humanity. We can do so because Christ’s light and love is there for every human being and it is stronger than any darkness anywhere!” As I stood gazing skyward in the shadowed landscape, keenly aware of the uncommon darkness, I realized the stars could shine more brilliantly, because it was dark. And they did. Orion’s Belt shown with with chunks of glittering starlight proclaiming dominion in the heavens. The Pleiades twinkled and danced. Aldebaran glinted steadfastly from the bull’s fiery eye.

Star light is the Sophia light for it is her star wisdom that reigns in the encircling stars. As we are plunged into such darkness, her stars shine brighter! She is always there, holding us in her mantle of stars, through the dark, especially in the dark. Through it all. She cradles our world, our universe, steadfast and faithful, welcoming us to her ample loving bosom in remembrance of our eternal being. She so patiently waits for us to receive the Holy Light of the world into our darkness. She never fails us. Sophia shines through it all, no matter how dark it is, or how dark it will be, she is ever beckoning with her universal unquestioning love to be there for us . Yet always doing so in the hope that we may choose to receive the light of the spirit, even as she has bore the Holy Son.

As the moon stood blood darkened in the night sky, Brian urged us to think positive thoughts of truth, beauty, and goodness, and of the spiritual awakening of humanity to freedom and love. And to know that when we do so, we aid courageousMIcha-el, the Archangel, the cosmically shining emissary of Christ to bring his cosmic intelligence into service for all humanity. May we look to this leadership at Michaelmas time.

O, Michael, thou countenance of Christ,

Guardian of our age,

Awakener! and leader into freedom –

Help us to wield the Sun-bright sword of thinking

To sacrificial deeds of will.

-Rudolf Steiner

Nancy Jewel Poer, October 8, 2014



  1. Nancy, I am picturing you standing there claiming the goodness, beauty, and truth on behalf of us all. Thank you’

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