September 6, 2014

Gordon arose one morning recently, wanting to get involved with some satisfying project and found he had the ‘ willing’ part but not the ‘able’ part to go along with it. He wearily stated he simply had no ambition. I gave a wry laugh and said, “I think it’s called ‘old age’.” But that wasn’t exactly a helpful comment.

We sang our morning grace and ate breakfast out on our newly rebuilt deck and enjoyed the clear morning. When we came back inside he was inspired to listen to music, something we hadn’t done in a long time. He found a CD of Beethoven’s works and clicked the selection to the 9th Symphony. Sitting in the big chair across from him, I was startled when the music of the chorus rang out into the room. I dropped everything and listened with him. The mighty celestial majesty of this great gift to humanity struck us both at the same time and the tears began to flow, streaming down our aged cheeks. So emotionally filled and moved, we were overflowing. “You went right to the top!”, I commented through sobs on his choice of music to play. Indeed he had. We wept on.

What poignant uplifting inspiration for the human soul and spirit! I was thinking of the genius of Beethoven, that intense, gifted, and driven man who boldly drove himself right across the threshold into the spiritual world to receive inspiration from the Gods. There with his extraordinary capacities he was able to listen and inwardly receive what must be an overture from the ‘music of the spheres’. (How stunning to think that outwardly in the earthly senses he was deaf!) ‘ With his Promethean strength he was able to grasp the mighty tones and melodies and write them into his heart and soul and bring them back to us. How thankful we can be for that!

Oh, that splendid music! Through such music we have glimpses of heaven on earth. As Gordon and I move closer to the threshold ourselves, such music rises like the beckoning of dawn in the spiritual world. What wonders may lie ahead for us when we, disembodied, may be privileged to hear it first hand? Oh, the glory of that thought!

So for now we sit here in our aging bodies, less able to accomplish what we formerly did on the physical plane, but don’t think the soul and spirit can’t soar as we weep with the beauty and wonder of such splendid heavenly inspired music……Praise be to God!


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