August 29, 2014

I was inspired for this art work by the dream vision of a Chartres master, Alain de Lille, that is described in a recent book, The Lord of the Elements, Inter weaving Christianity and Nature, by Bastiaan Baan. He is a Christian Community priest who deeply knows and respects nature and those with super sensible capacities to experience it such as Hildegard von Bingen.

The dream of Alain’s is as follows: He experiences the all encompassing unity of the world. Above he saw Noys, divine thought, divine spirit.  Below he saw Hyle  the physical world, primordial matter, which is in a certain state of chaos.  He did not see them as separate worlds; in between the divine spirit and the chaos of matter there appears a third being, Natura, as the world soul.  An ensouled being, the daughter of God who receives the ideas from Noys the divine intelligence, which she works into matter as an artist, and transforms matter into useful meaningful building blocks of creation.  She surrounds everything that has been created.  Even when her creations are not longer conscious of their origins she still envelops them.

This virginal being encompasses all of creation.  Alain de Lille saw her crowned with twelve fiery stars, clothed in a fine gossamer veil in which all the birds exist, the air.  Her lower garment, her tunica, is multi colored with all animals and plants woven into it: the earth.  Over this between air and earth. between the veil and tunica, a sea green upper garment, the water and everything living in it.  The four elements appear in the crown the tunica, the upper garment and the veil……..the new human being is conceived in the realm above the hierarchies, in the realm of the Trinity.  God hands him over to Sophia, the divine wisdom. Sophia hands the new man over to Natura and clothes him in the perfect body, … that does not bear the consequences of the Fall constituted of the purest elements…which astonishes creation.”

Overwhelmed by the dream Alain was given nurturing revival by the Natura being and she spoke these words to him, “His work is unity, my work is diversity. His work is perfect, my works are perishable.He is the Creator, I am his work. He brings things into appearance, he gives “Being”. My work bears the stamp of divine creation…. through me the human being was born, through him the human being was reborn.”


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