AUGUST 8, 2014

Brutus is here again this morning. posturing, buzzing, and whipping around like a royal despot in his daily temper tantrums to keep all the court quaking in his wake.

Brutus is the name we have given to the humming bird who lords it over the feeder filled with sugar water we have in a oak tree by the deck. Never mind that he has had his fill at any given time. He determinedly zips around fending off any others who have the audacity to sip from his fount. He takes them all on anywhere in his territory, finches, nuthatches, the humble towhee, big blue jays twenty times his weight and adversaries with plenty of sass themselves. He perceives himself lord of all he surveys and proclaims to the world there shall be no trespass on his domain.

When he lights on the twig of the live oak tree, it scarcely gives the slightest bend to acknowledge his weight, or lack of it.  He fluffs and puffs his feathers, cocks his head and waggles his long needle beak; the hummingbird equivalent of domineering swaggering across the room.

Brutus is an animal, creature of instinct.  And while that instinct is wondrous to behold, he lives imprisoned by its limits.  He cannot think about his actions, nor would his 200th of an ounce brain in that feisty tenth of an ounce body even entertain a thought.

We humans have an animal nature too, and plenty of instincts to be sure, soundly intertwined with our lower ego that buzzes, postures, fears, threatens and parades.  But we, thanks be to God, are blessed with the divine spark of humanity and a Higher Ego to be able to think, plan, remember, learn, change, envision, decide, and choose our actions.

Our lower ego energy, we so soundly employ in self service, actually probably only amounts to about a tenth of an ounce of fluff and feathers in the big picture.  But if that self focused energy could be directed with the power and zeal this tiny hummingbird gives to his daily rounds toward higher purposes?  Oh, my gosh, what a power that would be!  If we all joined together for the higher good?  Wouldn’t that be a force of  (Higher ) nature?  An unstoppable power!  Takes your great away what could come to pass!


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