August, 2, 2014

Chie Sasaki ( born in Japan)  came from Thailand  to help me in those critical and vulnerable days when I was first home from the hospital.  She brought not only her wonderful healing energy but this colorful blanket she made and embellished with my name.  She had taken it to several holy sites and sacred places in Asia to gather blessings for my recovery.

Our frequent long distance conversations are, well, pretty amazing.  Chie has been spiritually gifted all her life, but far more so since the death of her only child, Yasuhiro, who was the one who brought us together.  Chie is one of the most lively cheerful spirit-filled individuals I know.  She is incredibly disciplined in her meditative life and moves with ease, wonder, insight, reverence and joy between the worlds of those living on earth and those in the spiritual world.

We both have sons on the other side with whom we have strong connections.  Chie has very direct communication with Yasuhiro.  Our sons are individuals with significant spiritual responsibilities and are doing some powerful work for the future and helping us now.  

Everyone has loved ones on the other side.  Making connections and working with them is some of the most spiritually important work we can do now to receive inspiration clarity and hope for direction in our lives here. So I offer you the following thoughts for a special prayer and meditation day via Chie.

Just today she wrote that on August 6, 2014 all day, beginning at 8 AM California time, a special concentration of spiritual light will come from the spiritual world seeking to activate a higher vibration of consciousness for those who can receive it, for the physical world.  

Chie has strong memories of dying with Yasuhiro in the Holocaust in WW11.  On August 6th it will be 69 years wince the atom bomb was dropped on Japan opening the new terrors of destructive power we witness today.  On her recent climb on the sacred mountain in Japan, Mt. Miwa, she was shown a rock in a dream which she then found on the trail and underneath was a small stick with a message written in Hebrew. “For world peace”  (During her travels for that climb she also had several experiences of this ‘blue’ light as a marker for spiritual quickening.  See photo above.)

Certainly any thoughts toward world peace are valuable now.  If we can collectively send prayers enlivened by a spiritual light that can merge with the vibration of the spiritual light of our loved ones on the other side and give new energy to their efforts to help us here is would be a beautiful thing.’It could bring miracles,” writes Chie.

On August 6, 2014 (US time) she writes “I will try to chant and pray within my heart all day long.” 青光2 IMG_3101She always says, “I do my best,”  her unwavering dedication to not only honor her wonderful son, but in her service as a light bearer of hope to our world.  I gladly share her insights with you.



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