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     July 28,2014Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 10.38.28 PM another-perfect-sunset 
    Saturday night the wild fire was raging near our home sweeping through almost 4000 acres and nearly 2000 people were involved in bringing it under control. Sunset on Sunday brought blue skies and gentle clouds like the second picture. Morning doves flew and called in the quiet evening as we watched the day close in wonder and gratitude.

    So many things came together; the heroic efforts of countless fire fighters on the ground, pilots and crews of tankers, helicopters and spotter planes, bulldozer operators and so many more. But the weather helped as well, quiet winds despite hot days. Nature was merciful. Amazingly, in such a huge operation, no serious injuries were reported.

    The outpouring of the very best of the ‘fire’ of the true human spirit in so many people has been awe inspiring. The social network pages were filled with offers of places for evacuees to stay, transportation for all sorts of animals, horses to alpacas to pigs and sheep.. hamsters too! People sharing bedrooms, back yards, pastures and animals care. Volunteers and donations flooded the Red Cross evacuation centers, far more than needed. Those gathering food and support funds continue to search for those in need and spread the sharing.

    News sources with the constant emphasis to keep people on edge with on going crisis cannot give proper acknowledgement to the triumph of good will in a whole community when something like this happens. People truly are meant to help one another and at the core long to do the good. Together it is stunning what can be accomplished. When the creative energy of positive community truly shines its like the words of the age old Christmas carol become a reality; ‘heaven and nature sing’. Heaven, Nature and Community came together on this one.



  1. So very glad to see that second picture and to know that you, your family and your land are safe. You’ve certainly been traveling a fierce path in recent times, Nancy! And you’ve confronted every fire that’s threatened with the even brighter fire of your spirit. Inspiring!!!!!

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