July 27, 2014

Dear Friends,

The “Sand” fire has been raging for three days near us with over 4000 acres burned and several homes. We are safe just now. Our daughter Lauren and her husband Bob are here with us. We have our vehicles packed and ready to evacuate. Our Sandridge road is closed down so no one can come in and when and if we leave, we will not be able to return until later notice.

They estimate five more days to control the fire. It is about five miles west and south of us mostly burning on the other side of the river. The unknown is from the winds and temperature. We expect over 100 degrees today, some more wind which can change directions during the day so that is the concerning part. So we appreciate all your good “cool” thoughts, in more ways than one! We have plenty of food, are in good touch with our good neighbors and have our doves caught up and ready to fly out with us if needed! We are on an emergency call line that will inform us when to leave if it comes to that.

Our son Cameron is an aircraft mechanic for Cal Fire and praises the incredible teamwork and resources being used to contain this fire. Yesterday he worked out of Grass Valley and personally helped get two major tankers, 88 and 89 back on line. Arriving at work he noticed a nose tire bulging dangerously which the pilot had just missed. So he repaired that and within five minutes the crew was ready to go. Then tanker 89 heading out too, failed in a hydraulic system which he spent four hours on and It was back online for the critical late afternoon hours. We’ve always been proud of his work and he is just a gifted mechanic but it is pretty amazing to have his work protecting us just now! His dedicated crews along with all the wonderful men and women, over 1400 of them, on the ground are near by with bulldozers and fighting this intense and difficult fire. It is on steep canyons and tinder dry fuel in the trees and grass and can capriciously jump the river to another area.

Some parts of the nation have floods, intense cold, tornados and hurricanes. We have fires and earthquakes, There is an apocolyptic feel about it. Our dear Mother Earth cries for our conscious care.

But there are so many many good people doing so many good deeds, rescuing horses, even a 200 pound tortoise! neighbors are there for each other. The county fair ground is receiving animals. The local schools setting up refuge centers. People can become who they really are in such emergencies.

Your loving prayers are appreciated and we will be fine. We have dedicated our 28 years here to caring for the land and all the wonderful people we have been privileged to host at White Feather Ranch and may we continue to be able to do so.


Nancy and Gordon


One thought on “LIFE IN FIRE COUNTRY”

  1. Nancy dear, you and Gordon are in my thoughts and prayers today with the advent of this news. Having lost nineteen firefighters last summer to the dreadful monsoons in Prescott, I am well aware of the unpredictability of these fires and the path of destruction they can leave behind. But as you say, even in the wake of these tragedies, the best of mankind is revealed in so many ways. God be with you in your vigil and may the beauty of your beloved White Feather Ranch be spared.

    Only recently did I become aware that you had written to me on an old AOL address so I do owe you a letter explaining my silent absence. However, I sense now is not the time as you are in the midst of a possible crisis so I leave you for now with a reminder of how deeply I care for you both and hope for a happy outcome to this situation.

    So many blessings to you and all (like Cameron) who are fighting,

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