We celebrated our 61st wedding anniversary on May 28th.  Our dear daughter Lauren drove us to Monterey Bay where we had a wonderful two hour sailing adventure on a beautiful 30 ft sailboat.  We went far out and surfed in exciting seven foot waves just cresting with foam!  We had the cruise to ourselves as our captain grilled a delicious salmon dinner and we enjoyed the sunset.  A sea otter called out searching for her little one and we watched the joyful reunion.  O, the peace, silence, beauty of water, waves, clear pungent air, bathed in the elements…it was wonderful.  We have often had adventures to celebrate our life together, sky diving, ballooning, rafting, and were pretty pleased the ancient aging bodies held up to scrambling about on a sail boat so we could have this adventure too.. We have had the full cup of life…with our wonderful family and all…as the song says, “Sunrise, sunset, sunrise, sunset, swiftly flow the years…one season following another…laden with happiness and tears..  We have known it all and are blessed.ImageImage


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