IMG_0538 MAY 16, 2014


About a year ago, I was standing in front of the State capitol of California, a state by any economic measure the eighth largest ‘country’ in the world. I was there in this crazy salmon outfit that I had made along with other activists gathering signatures to protest the release of genetically engineered monster salmon into the world waters. The results of such a release will be irrevocable.

Twenty some years ago, GMO (genetically modified organisms) entered the nation’s food supply, without warning or testing other than by the chemical corporations that produced them, and certainly not asked for by the men women and children they would be secretly tested on. In the ensuing years we have seen unprecedented increases in food allergies, intestinal disorders, obesity, infertility, childhood diabetes,and cancer just to name a few illnesses. Salmon will be a first in GMO animals to be introduced, with dire consequences.

We live today under the tyranny of some intensely strange thinking in this country which translates as follows: We can drug ourselves to health. We can poison our way to decent, nutritious food and a sustainable earth.

Chemical agriculture corporations (Monsanto, Cargill, Bayer, et al) and industrial agriculture are in charge of our national food supply and are making darn sure to keep our government and politicians corrupted enough to keep their profits sky rocketing. They have infiltrated all regulatory agencies and have a major representative in Michael Taylor, our national government food ‘Czar’ given the authority to ‘guard’ our food supply. He is a former Monsanto lawyer who arranged at the federal level for GMO’s to be released with no labeling. He got them all declared (GRAS) (Generally Recognized As Safe)- that is, just the same as good old conventional seeds and crops, while in fact they contain bizarre, unprecedented never-before-in-nature gene crossings. The stunning fact is the corporate chemical manipulators have it both ways! In a brilliant duping of the government and the public they claim the crops are so ordinary and similar to conventional ones they do not require labeling and at the same time they are unique enough to be patented! Then they ruthlessly sue and silence innocent organic farmers whose crops are wind contaminated and ruined by pollen from their GMO fields for ‘stealing their intellectual property!” Further these industrial agriculture giants threaten to bankrupt small counties with lawsuits if their unhealthy seeds and factory farms are not allowed to operate in them. We (and Canada) are the only major countries in the world that do not require the labeling of GMO foods. China and Russia do.

Does this make sense? Of course it doesn’t, Not even close, no logic, no sound science, and furthermore these corporations use their money and power to viciously block and discredit any scientific studies that show negative results about genetically modified crops and ill health from factory farm animals. Our small organic farmers are currently nearly swamped out of business with a blitz of paper work for the government to prove they are organic in all their processes, while essentially unregulated chemical agriculture giants can virtually at will, (and over riding great public outcry and protest), release harmful things into the food supply, forever altering and contaminating nature. They placate the government with mere ‘letters of assurance’ that their products are harmless. They offer whatever skewed results they want from their own testing and that is how these aberrations are approved. The main principal of GMO seeds is that the herbicide Roundup can be sprayed on them to kill every other living plant and they will survive. But nature is no pushover. In these twenty years of use, two dozen invasive weeds have now become resistant to the poison glyphosate, the main ingredient in Roundup, the most widely used herbicide in the world, (though we had been assured that wouldn’t happen). The chemical/ GMO agriculture answer to this is even harsher poisons, similar to 24D – at the potency of Agent Orange, the poison that has left a wake of three generations of deformed children since it was poured over the jungles and homes of those living in Vietnam.

What are we thinking of to leave our food in the hands of chemical companies whose only aim is sell poison and profit? It is astonishing that we have to march in the streets to protest our babies being poisoned with food made from corn that has the entire plant is registered as a pesticide (for the engineered pesticide works in every cell of the plant)….and then works its poisoning our babies digestive system along with the pests?

Even as this is written Monsanto and chemical companies are sponsoring a federal bill that will block the states from passing laws requiring labeling GMO products in our foods. We thought that labeling of what is in foods is what has always been done by our government for our health and welfare, right? That we are given the basic human right to choose what we are putting in our mouths, right?? Isn’t this the most intimate possible act affecting personal health in our daily lives, right?

This approach to agriculture has been supported by all our presidents out of ignorance and/or the incredible power our industrial chemical agriculture corporations command. The promise and twisted logic that has been dangled before us is to destroy nature and human beings to ‘feed the world.‘

The fact is smart, intensive, diverse, water saving, crop rotating, organic and bio dynamic agriculture can feed the people. Did I mention saving the bees? People could even begin again to feed themselves with their own gardens as most families did not that long ago. We need a lot more people to wake up and realize what is going on and then take action and buy and support sustainable, organic and bio dynamic agriculture with an emphasis on locally grown. You may even say that our lives and the health of future generations depend on it. Moms Across America are currently having a campaign to call the FDA to protest the infiltration of glyphosate into our bodies, now found in mother’s milk and newborn umbilical blood. For the sake of everyone and especially our children and Mother Earth, please add your voice.

Sources: Center For Food Safety, Cornucopia Institute, Institute for Responsible Technology, Food Revolution. Food Democracy.



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