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On Good Friday, April 18, 2014, the worst loss of life on Mt. Everest in known history occurred with the deaths of sixteen Sherpa guides and porters in an avalanche. They were moving supplies up to a higher base camp for the climbers. I sense this could be a timely special call to the wider world, a kind of sacrifice to help wake our world up to higher consciousness and deeper human values.

It is close in my thoughts, for at the same time, our daughter Mary was flying home after having summited a great high mountain close by Everest, Island Peak, in honor of her brother who has passed on. I look at these faces today of the mother and daughter of one who died there and know their grief. I too, in sorrow that can unite us all, know the loss of a good son and a devoted father. I ponder our mutual lives. I rejoice that my daughter has returned safely – they mourn. I have tears of joy and pride in my child’s accomplishment -they weep as their beloved one leaves them here alone on earth. So the great pendulum swings in our lives and destinies. We owe so much to so many, to those who labor that we all can benefit; build edifices and roads, defend the country, grow the food, and clean the commons. Countess occupations, many of risk, to create a modern civilization. Yet for all who labor, and receive the gifts of the labor, the same feelings and passions live in the human soul, the hurts, fears, longing and hope, sorrows and love.

It was one of the countrymen of this mother and daughter and all the sad families, who cared for our Mary as she made the summit. Pema and Robyn charted her course, and one time they stopped and rubbed her near frozen hands with a broad kind smile. She knew all their names, she called them “my buddies”. Two of them hiked over a half an hour on their own time just to meet her when she came down the mountain, hugging her with pride and congratulations for her achievement. Everywhere, she gives such wholesome love to people and receives it back.

Because of the capable guide who looked out for her, Mary has achieved a beautiful new connection to her brother on the other side, she has strengthened the mystical indestructible bridge of hearts and love across the threshold. May that grace come to the families of those who died on the mountain. We can only stand in awe before the mysteries of life and human destiny.


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