When Mary first told us she would go climb a mountain by Mt Everest I didn’t know if I could go through it. With our son’s transition a year ago, and all I have endured this last year with heart surgery and nearly bleeding to death, the thought that another beloved child might perish seemed unbearable. But then I knew I would have to face this too.

I have championed Waldorf education all my life and the ideals of Rudolf Steiner that ““Our highest endeavor is to support free individuals who can give purpose and direction to their lives.” Direction out of their own free spirit. Mary’s freedom to do what she was called to do could not be held back entangled in the net of my fear. I resolved to support her all the way. Life on earth can never be totally ‘safe’ and our world now SO GREATLY depends on individuals being able to bring their unique gifts and fulfill their missions out of their own highest and spiritually truthful destinies. Every human being has a contribution to make to this earth and this critical time in history and all that we can do to support our children to unfold their capacities, whatever they may be, be they gifts of quiet ways of social concern, bringing art and song, caring for  Mother Earth, excelling as someone among those who bring good business, moral science, healing arts and right living in all areas of life.

We raised our children to not fear death by taking care of our family elders at home to die with us. There is no one I trust more than Mary for strength, clear headed decisions, and capacities to manage the physical world. It was the unknown beyond that where my concerns lay. Mary might have been on Mt. Everest instead of a nearby mountain this past week, but only the wealthy can pay the very high fees for the privilege to make the attempt. When we heard the news of the avalanche on Everest today that took many lives, Gordon and I could only hold each other and weep.  


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