This is the panoramic view she Mary could see from Kalapattar.This is Mary’s email, the last she could get to us before attempting to climb Mt. Island on Friday, April 11th

Dear Mom and LDF School,
I am so far in the Himalayas that even g-mail will not auto fill
addresses. Please forward this to all that you feel need to know. I am
one day ahead of schedule. phones do not work, with the exception I
was able to sneak a call out from base camp. This morning starting at
5 am climbed Kalapattar. !8,00plus feet. Beautiful location with 360
views of Everest and surrounding mountains. Back to Dingboche which is actually near Periche. I am at the base of Amma Dablam meaning mother dablm beautiful mountain. Looking east I see Island Peak. Tomorrow
head to Chuckung where I meet my sherpa guide for this peak. He is
very experienced Everest 3 times as well as many other summits of more technical mountains here. I started with another gal from Texas but she already dropped out. My guide is very kind and good. This one on one experience is even better. I gave a ritual ceremony to Jeremy Ritchie at base camp yesterday, and a ritual ceremony for brother Gary today atop Kallapattar. When done two little birdies were hopping around at my feet, even at that altitiude. I feeel really good. I have found that you must stay ahead of your breathing and heart rate. I if  you cant catch your breath, slow down, no matter how slow. I admit this is physically very hard. But no book or google app will ever replace the real experience of seeing, feeling, engaging in what I am doing. The people are amazing and warm. There is camaraderie. and warmth. I appreciate all the support. I n reality I probably will not have a way to get a message out until I return to Kathmandu. Remember I am a day ahead of schedule, but that is good as Lukla airport can be tricky with weather shutdowns. Sorryabout the bad writing it is cold and the key boards are different. MY heartfelt love to all Best wishes
Namaste Mary


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