Dear Family and Friends,
Mary, our daughter,Image is hoping to climb Mt Island (20,300 ft) in the Himalayas nearby Mt Everest this week. We are out of communications contact for this time. She is dedicating the climb to her brother Gary so it is a very meaning ful adventure for her. Your warm thoughts on her icy cold but gloriously beautiful journey are most appreciated! Here’s the e mail she sent on April 1st.

.Hi All,I am now at Namche the flight to Lukla was fine. I am in good hands wi th Sanjay our guide. It is myself and another gal from Texas. You all must understand that we must be flexible here in Nepal with our schedule. For example we flew into Lukla and started our journey one day ahead of time. The global cell phones are not working well, I was only able to get two phone calls off in Kathmandu. Even using the local guides phones are not working for international calls. In two days I may be able to send an e-mail again. Please I am safe. This is an amazing country and it is so wonderful to see feel and experience it. I may climb Island Peak in a few days instead of at the end due to changing weather conditions. It will be OK. So I will try to keep all informed. Sending lots of Love Mary When we say changing weather conditions ,its about maximizing the experience. If it looks like the weather is better in a few days versus 10 days, I will take the few days as Island Peak is the ultimate goal here. If the other gets washed out so be it. So please pass this on to all you feel wants to be informed. Life is good, life is amazing, this world is amazing.
Love Love Love to all Mary


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