Ceremony of Thanks for Water

On March 22, 2014, we joined legions of others around the world for World Water Day, called by the the Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers…. offering sorrow and forgiveness for humankind’s disregard as well as gratitude for the water we all depend upon for life.   It was a beautiful spring day here at the ranch, shiny new leaves on the oaks, the hillsides covered in green grass.  This is the water from our deep granite well poured into a bowl, silver on the outside and golden within, a commemoration memento from the Golden anniversaries of my parents, and  Gordon and me.   How beautifully the Sun reflects into the crystal clear water!  We gave thanks and sent forth heartfelt blessings to our Mother Earth and prayers for the waters to continue in their blessing.  It is of deep consequence when we can all take these moments to see Nature and honor her and all the elemental kingdoms that make life on earth possible.  Here’s to joy and good health in each glass of the elixir of life!







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